“I am delighted that Riverbanks is a flagship clinic for SWISSCODE and value our association with this premium skincare brand. The Pure and Bionic concentrates have been easily incorporated into our existing skincare ranges as well as our treatment programmes. Our clients comment on a noticeable improvement in their skin condition with the simplicity of adding as little as only one product. The scientific background and clinical tests supporting the results of the range, complement the philosophy of Riverbanks Wellness. We have found high patient tolerance and acceptance as well as excellent clinical results complementing our injectables, skincare and laser peel protocols. The training and support received from Pure Swiss Aesthetics representatives has been exceptional and indicates their commitment to this unique product range.”
Dr. Ravi Jain
Riverbanks Wellness & Anti-Ageing Clinic
“I had been introduced to SWISSCODE before its launch in the UK market and was very impressed with the science behind the brand; so much so, I recommended that Bausch & Lomb who I was consulting for at the time, to consider a partnership. I was impressed with the range and was very keen to introduce it in my clinic as soon as it became available in the UK market in 2015. My patients love the idea that they can combine SWISSCODE to boost their existing skincare. Our Consultant Dermatologist, nurses and aesthetic therapists love the fact that the SWISSCODE range can enhance and strengthen the results of our treatments and procedures and prolong the benefits for the patients as home care. I have been extremely pleased and impressed with the results I’ve seen and SWISSCODE has already gained a loyal following among my patients which, to me, speaks volumes and shows how amazing the products are."
Jane Lewis
The Skin to Love Clinic
“When it comes to skincare, I have always been attracted to the purest, natural and organic ranges available on the market because they compliment my natural approach to aesthetic medicine. I am acutely ware of the power of antioxidants and the principles of bionics. I believe the serums provide a delicate approach to protect and nourish the skin. Its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis is very convincing and in my opinion, at the centre of the anti-ageing process. These products are ideal as an adjunct to any other skin care you are using - providing you with that extra boost and radiance which we all desire. They are an extremely high quality product and I simply cannot wait to use all of them. They are absolutely wonderful!"
Dr. Kate Alexandra Bishop
"I am absolutely loving the changes in my skin, since I have been using the Swisscode Bionic Age Control. In as little as 2 months I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin’s hydration and elasticity. My skin’s complexion is much clearer, brighter, radiant and it even feels firmer. This is now my ‘go to’ product which I apply twice a day. Age Control has been the perfect addition to my skin care regime and the perfect 25 th birthday gift. I’m really pleased I got to try this premium product and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone- it’s my treat and a worthwhile investment. I am truly hooked and couldn’t live without it. I’m now so much more skin confident!"
Selwa El-Jonsafi
Product Specialist Cosmesurge Clinic