Our clinical line SWISSCODE consists of two ranges of serums and concentrates that are used to support your skincare routine as well as all medical and aesthetical procedures

The purest range of concentrates tackling specific anti-ageing concerns

The SWISSCODE Pure range consists of seven pure concentrates of the most exceptional cosmetic ingredients, with the latest scientific findings incorporated into luxury skincare. Working to address skin concerns, SWISSCODE Pure is the perfect complement to your daily skincare routine, and contains the highest possible concentration of hydrogels and  oleo gels. Each product is pleasantly cooling, rapidly absorbed and the perfect supplement to your skincare programme. SWISSCODE Pure is also recommended by both doctors  and therapists to enhance the outcome and healing of aesthetic treatments.

The innovative, plant-based stem cell range  addition to your skincare routine

SWISSCODE Bionic comprises of three cutting-edge serums and concentrates that are used in addition to your daily skincare routine to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Each product contains a variation of ground breaking cosmetic developments and highly efficient plant-based stem cells that activate the skin’s renewal process. The base cocktail of all three products within the SWISSCODE Bionic range combines the highest levels of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Providing the skin with a protective shield against environmental influences, SWISSCODE Bionic lets the skin breathe freely and is regarded as having the maximum concentration and purest form of natural ingredients compared to its competitors. SWISSCODE Bionic is also recommended by both doctors and therapists to enhance and aid the healing process in conjunction with aesthetic treatments.