“The BYONIK® was a great addition to Riverbanks, particularly to our aesthetic skin practice. The machine is constantly fully booked. We treat conditions such as mild Rosacea, Acne, age lines and patients who are nervous about treatments that may have an ablative effect or for those not keen on injectables. The BYONIK system can make significant changes and improvements to their skin. What’s been really good is also how we have combined it with our other treatments such as injectables and lasers and how it has really improved recovery and regeneration following CO2 resurfacing. It’s a good complement to our Rosacea, PDL Lasers as well as our skin booster treatments. We have also started to combine it with some of our Ultrasound and RF treatments. The BYONIK® treatment package is a course of 6-8. Client retention is great and reinforces repeat product sales. The patient acceptance is really strong, much more than with our other skin treatments. One of the reasons I was very interested in the BYONIK® was the technology particularly the use of pulse triggered low level laser. The evidence behind it is very impressive, particularly when treating skin cancers and increasing the penetration of actives into the skin. It’s important to point out, we are treating the epidermal layers of the skin, which are often ablated with other treatments. With the BYONIK® we are managing to get very similar results without the trauma.”
Dr. Ravi Jain
Riverbanks Wellness
“The Byonik for me slots perfectly into my advanced skin rejuvenation offerings for my patient group. It has minimal downtime with instant and cumulative results and the unique pulse triggered laser technology is something as a doctor who likes to have the best I could not ignore! What’s most attractive about the machine together with its results is the ability to integrate with all the other skin rejuvenation modalities at the clinic further enhancing patients results.”
Dr Tijion Esho
The Esho Clinic
“For us, Byonik has bridged a gap for patients who don’t want or perhaps need injectable treatments but need the deep hydration and improvement in skin quality the treatment provides. Being able to infuse the skin cell with HA and potent antioxidants, as well as protect telomeres is really quite impressive. The fact that Byonik treatment provides all of these benefits with no discomfort nor down-time for the patient allows us to easily introduce it into treatment plans as either a stand-alone treatment for improving skin quality and health, or to prep the skin to better receive another procedure and/or to help the skin to recover quickly post treatment. The technology and research behind Byonik is not something that should be underestimated and once you have an understanding of that, this treatment will amaze you and the results speak for themselves.”
Jane Lewis & Kerri Lewis
The Skin to Love Clinic
"The D.Thomas Clinic team have quickly grown to love the Byonik. Byonik has been an excellent complementary treatment to what we already offer as well as standing out as a hero treatment for all things inflammatory. It has been perfect for our acne clients as well as helping reduce post-treatment recovery from some of our more aggressive treatments. The ability to treat clients during pregnancy or those who are actively taking Roaccutane means we can support our client's skin journey at all times."
Debbie Thomas
D.Thomas Clinic
“We chose the Byonik Pulse Triggered Laser after much careful consideration of other non-invasive skin rejuvenation systems on the market. Nothing else compares to the Byonik with its compact appearance, which takes up minimal space in our surgery and can be set up, and ready to use, within just a couple of minutes. This unique treatment has very few contraindications with no known side effects and absolutely NO downtime, which our discerning clients are very keen to experience. The protocol allows for safe, all year-round treatment that can be used on all skin types due to the system being a low level light laser with no thermal action. Our clients are already seeing fantastic results and being able to offer salon quality retail products for them to use at home in between clinic visits further maximises the rejuvenating effects of the Byonik. We are very proud to be the first clinic in Cambridgeshire to be able to offer this fantastic system and client uptake has surpassed our expectations."
Dr Victoria Waddingham
Clockhouse Facial Aesthetics
“I’m truly thrilled to have the Byonik treatment join our clinic. I believe that it fits in with our Taylormade® ethos and the ever growing need to work to enhance and support skin health for all our clients.”
Helen Taylor
Helen Taylor Aesthetics